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Stag Arrest

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The Stag Arrest experience is one of the best stag do ideas for a Prague stag party and we think you should sign up for one if you want a stag night that none of you will ever forget!

Throughout the day your stag weekend in Prague you will be going through various stag activities but none of them are quite like the Stag Arrest experience and in case the stag do reviews haven’t told you enough, here’s why we think you’ll love it. 

You’ll be out partying and all of a sudden fake police men will approach you and come up with some believable reason to search you.

Then, they’ll say that the stag is in some sort of trouble and that he needs to come with them to the station. 

To make this prank a success and not a trip to an actual police station or worse, a hospital, let someone in on the prank to accompany your stag.

Once in the fake cop car he will be blindfolded and will probably be very afraid and that’s why someone has to be with him. 

It will all end in the stag being taken to a dark room. When his blindfold is removed he will realize he’s at a strip club and that it was all a prank!


2 policemen actors

Police car

Stag Kidnapping

Strip show

1 beer per person


45 minutes


£ 42 per person

Contacts details

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