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Build Your Own

Prague Stag Do

How it works?

  • Select your activities

  • Put down a small deposit

  • Send invitations through

  • Go on the stag!

Why book with Us?

  • Professionals at what we do! We take responsibility for each group!

  • Dedicated event manager — to look after You!

  • Individual payments — no need to collect tonns of cash!

  • Secure online payments! Your transactions are secure with 128 BIT encription.

  • Personal online account, add/remove mates or send invitations using your account!

  • Locally set up office, 24 hour help line. Local knowlege — Best Price Guarantee!

  • To secure a booking we require a £50 deposit as notified at the time of booking.
  • Once this is done you will receive the confirmation email with the Organizer’s password which will then allow you to invite all of your mates via the on-line account.
  • They will receive from us and email detailing the planned party and instructions on how they can log on and make their own payments. (So you don't have to collect large amounts of cash)
  • We do not require the outstanding balances and final numbers up to 6 weeks (42 days) prior to the weekend date.
  • For all the online payments we are using PayPal payment system where we are verified account holders.

Build your own!

Think about your personalized Prague stag do when you get to do everything you want for the weekend!

You’ve seen all the things to do in Prague on our website and now it’s time to add your custom ideas to make a one of a kind party package you and the lads will never forget. We’re letting you build your own party with activities you can boast of and show off.

No need to think about the boring bookings, leave that all up to us! But if you have personalization preferences, just know that we’re all ears, all the time!

Build your own Prague stag do in just a few steps and we’ll take care of the rest!


The perfect destination for any stag; a place that has great activities to do during the day and doesn’t settle for tame parties at night.

Prague is literally the perfect place to execute the phenomenal party you’re about to plan. The city is home to some of Europe’s most historical sites and most masterfully designed architectural feats. Immerse yourself in Prague’s undeniably rich culture and get to know its people as you explore the city by day. But as soon as the sun sets and the moon takes hold of the sky, it’s time to see what Prague is famous for.

Magnificent and splendid by day, passionate and playful come night.