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Naked Body Dinner

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There are so many things to do in a Prague stag that it helps to have a way categorize them for easier identification. 

For example, there are categories that don’t involve alcohol and categories that are all about extreme sports.

And then there are categories of stag activities that you can upload online and the category of stag do ideas that need to be kept a secret from your wives and girl friends. 

This specific one falls under that last category. 

The Naked Body Dinner experience will take you and the lads on a gastronomic experience we have a feeling you’ve never had before. 

Behind closed doors indulge in a masterfully prepared spread on a warm naked woman’s body. 

The exotic experience finds its roots in a traditional Japanese custom that allows men to enjoy sushi on a naked woman clad in just flowers and food. 

Although not popular with female rights activists, this is one of the stag do ideas that will remain to be one of the most booked stag activities of all time. 

For an exceptionally unforgettable Prague stag do, sign up for the Naked Body Dinner experience. 

It’s entirely up to you if you tell your partners about it. Who knows, they might like the idea and make it a regular treat for you!


English Speaking Guide

Sexy body table

sweet or salty refreshment

1 Beer each

Private VIP lounge


2 hrs


£ 50 per person

Contacts details

Group information