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Goldfingers Strip Club VIP Tables & Drinks

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It’s your best mate’s stag do and he wants to celebrate it in Prague and you’re thinking, ‘Yes! It’s the best place to throw a bachelor party!’ and now you’re putting together the most epic stag do in all of history.

Don’t disappoint the boys with lame stag do ideas and cliché stag activities that you’ve all tried at least once in your lives. 

If you’re going to party all night and you want to watch strippers perform but you’re tired of doing stag night club crawls and being humiliated with all sorts of unique strippers, then it’s time to level up with a Goldfingers Strip Club VIP Tables & Drinks package. 

Goldfingers Strip Club is home to the best exotic dancers in all of Prague, heck, in all of Europe! Dozens of the best performers flock to the club to get a chance to take the stage and that means the audience gets only the best that each stripper has to offer! 

Don’t cheap out and make sure to book VIP Tables & Drinks with us or else you’re going to regret it!

Witness performances unlike any other at the underground club decked out in lavish interiors. 

But be warned, once you sign up for the Goldfingers Strip Club VIP Tables & Drinks experience, nothing will ever come close.


Admission to Goldfingers

Reserved table

Drinks package at the club

2 Bottles of Spirits


As long as you want


£ 73 per person

Contacts details

Group information