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Hooters - Burger & 3 Beers

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You and the lads know that Prague has a reputation for hosting some of the most insane parties in all of Europe. But did you know that the city is also home to a long list of stag ideas for the daytime including ogling at the the beautiful women at Hooters?

Not many guys realize that before the stag night, there’s a whole day of waiting to be done and even if you’re in the wild city of Prague, things can be a real bore if you don’t plan your day beforehand and forget to include the important things like booze and babes. 

We can help with filling your day up with fun daytime stag activities that give you both! Booze and babes coming right up only at Hooters!

If you’re into stag do ideas that will let you have a good amount of time catching up with your best mates over the Prague’s best drinks and meals, then you’re in for a treat! 

Whether you feel like you’re too old to be gallivanting around Prague doing customary stag do traditions, or you just want to have a chilled out afternoon with the lads, a Hooters –Burger & 3 Beers meal should sound just about right, don’t you think? How can anyone say no to the boys, booze, and babes?


Delicious juicy burger


Reserved table

3 Beer each


1,5 hrs


£ 44 per person

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