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Hooters - Steak Meal & Beers

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Congratulations! Your Prague stag do planning is almost complete! You’ve got your stag accommodation booked and your private transfers arranged. You have all the stag activities planned for one epic evening and you’re all set. 

But do you have any daytime stag do ideas on your itinerary? Do you have any booze or babes scheduled for the day? What about a trip to Hooters?

One thing that the stag do reviews you see online forget to mention is that before the actual bachelor party you and the lads will have a whole day’s worth of waiting to do. 

The last thing we want is for your stag night hype to dwindle into impatience when we know it can be filled with titillating excitement in the arms of Hooters waitresses!  

What you need is a Steak Meal & Beers at Hooters!

It’s the perfect compromise for the lads that don’t take breasts shoved in their faces too well and the other half of the lads that absolutely adore the female physique. Sexy girls, in decent clothing? That’s got to be someone’s fantasy checklist right there!

Indulge in a Steak Meal & Beers at Hooters before heading out to your bachelor party and you might even avoid tomorrow’s nasty hangover with a satisfying meal for both your bellies and your eyes!


English Speaking Guide

Steak Meal


2 Beers per person

Reserved table


1,5 hrs


£ 38 per person

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