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Dog Attack

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The stag do in Prague is coming up and as much fun as it is to just spend the nights drowning the groom’s jitters in alcohol, there are far better things to do in a Prague stag that we’re sure you’d be interested in. Here’s one of our craziest stag do pranks for cold feet and nerves! 

Everyone knows it takes a real man to make a marriage work and most of all, to keep his wife happy. Your stag is on his last few days of freedom and it’s time you see how much of a man he really is by throwing him out to the dogs! 

Set your stag up with a Dog Attack prank and watch a game of survival unfold. Tell him that for his stag do he must liken the attack dog to the angriest version of his wife-to-be. That will get his head in the game like nothing else! 

Geared up in the safety suit, he will have a few seconds to get across the field before the trained attack dog is released. He will literally be a massive chew toy the attack dog can’t wait to sink its teeth in. 

Here’s to hoping that he survives the challenge standing tall and brave, ready for the bachelor party and wedding ahead of him!


English Speaking Guide

Safety uniform

Professional K9 dog training facility and instructors

Return Transfers

30 minutes session together with the trainer and a trained dog

The dog will only come after the bachelor

Round of beer


150 minutes


£ 94 per person

Contacts details

Group information